Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Feline Fatale collaboration piece with Ginger Jess

Why i do the things i do.

Why i create the characters i create.

I create to fuel and fulfill my own passions.
I create to inspire others.
I create to share that spark.

     Here is some new interesting artwork i came across. A creative by the name of Ginger Jess. She has a collection of bright and colorful artworks, pieces that not only stood out with a great setup, but also have an interesting concept and story line hidden within each piece of artwork. Little kittens or story pieces hidden deep within the grass and forest for those who are willing to look hard enough.

Here is a sample of some of her works that i really liked

Here was my favorite piece that stood out to me. The character, the idea behind the piece, everything was just amazing.

And here is what it inspired me to create.

And now back to why i create. It is for these moments that i cherish and keep pushing me forward!

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