Sunday, May 10, 2015

Follow your Dreams

What is your Passion?

Are you pursuing it?

Why do you do it? or Why are you not doing it?

Is it something that drives you or fulfills you?

Here is my thoughts on mine. Take a look and push yourself to enjoy every moment! Everyone is given a gift and put here to really be someone. Always remember that.

Is my craft fulfilling to me?

yes i believe it is.
I get to create my own characters.
I get to share my expressions through my work.
I get to help and inspire others and i get to watch them light up.
I get to witness the miracle of that sparkle that waves across the faces of others. A light that captures the true beauty on their face that is very rarely seen. That true beauty beneath the skin, the hidden tucked away person that rarely comes to the surface.
I get to create a story that will inspire someone else's personal story.

I have been given a gift and i am giving myself permission to share it with the world around me. 

Please leave a comment below and let me know where your dreams and passions are taking you.

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