Thursday, August 6, 2009

New portrait from figure drawing class

Here is a pic of my new sculpt from this weeks figure session. For this one i tried to do a creature or werewolf with some likeness to the model. I am currently trying to get my things together for the horror convention coming up in New Jersey so this is going to be a halloween mask for that. I am not happy with the front view of this piece. Still in progress we'll see what happens when i finish. Let me know your opinions.

Here is another little figure i just started working on. This figure is approx. 6 inches tall and i am using chavant clay. My idea here is to make a cute artist figure that will be blank. Then they can be painted special or they can be cast plain for a smooth look.

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Echo said...

That's interesting, are you going to painting it when it's finished? I think the werewolf can be a little more like a wolf, that would change the configuration of the jaw and chin area( it appears to be bit too round and smooth, making it resemble more of a animal than human. Good job though!!