Saturday, August 1, 2009

New demon mini bust

Here is a finished pic of my new sculpture. This is suppose to be a female demon. I started this one when i was on vacation with nothing special in mind. The head is finished and ready to be molded. I am now going to work on getting the horns right and then molding them. The head will be cast in latex and filled with foam. The horns will be resin and foam. Will let you see when i am finished.

My next sculpting projects are to finish my old ones and do some demos. Next tuesday i will have a figure drawing session with the same model as last week. Then the following week we will have Julia again, so my plan is to create two oversized halloween masks. I am going to try to do a male and female werewolf or creature in the middle of transformation. This way i will be able to get basic structure and likeness from the model and the creature from other references. Thats the plan lets see how it works out.

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Echo said...

Julia is HOT...It's very hard to make a demon out of her :P