Monday, August 24, 2009

Monster mania con august 2009

Just got back from monster mania 2009. This year i had a booth to myself and overall had a great experience.

This is my original setup. It started this way on friday evening. By the end of the day and the weekend i put out a lot more masks covering the table.
Here are two of the newest masks i finished. The two aliens on the ends are my new favorite and i got a lot of good comments from people on them.

I got comments from being original with my designs. I spoke with Bob from, kreation x (pictured below), the guy in charge of the national haunters convention, guy in charge of monsterpalooza and a few others. I got my work out there and got some connections.

Here are some other interesting setups i saw this weekend.

Another sketch i completed while i was at the show, considering trying to make a t-shirt in the future.

This convention was great for me, i met some great people and did saw some people i already knew again. Here are a couple other artists i met with that i think do great work.

I am hoping to do more conventions soon i'll keep u updated.

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Echo said...

I almost forgot the Monster Mania was on... Seemed like you've had a good time there :D I really like some of the stuff on display. What are you going the next?