Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Stop Waiting! Just jump in and start!

Do you feel like your Tied up by your mind?

Are you waiting for that magical moment where everything goes right? Where the stars align and the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and just fit together perfectly?

Don't wait! Just jump in and do it. Go after that dream!

So what if everything isn't together or just right yet. So what if your not feeling like doing it now. You might think there's something going on or pulling you back but its mostly in your mind. We all have to learn to play hurt. Your never going to wake up and be in a perfect place and if you are waiting for it you could miss out on so many golden opportunities. 

When you put yourself into action and you just start doing all of the ideas just start to rush you and a snowball effect occurs when you least expect it. The action opens up your mind and allows for amazing thoughts to be created.

Look at one of your favorite athletes, when they get a bruise or a sprain do they call out or not show up? Think about it.

Are you Making Excuses!

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