Monday, September 14, 2015

Waiting for some inspiration to strike?

Are you waiting for that spark of inspiration to strike?
Are you waiting for this magical dust to sprinkle over your life?
Are you waiting for the planets to align so that you can be surrounded by greatness?

     It wont happen if you are just sitting around and just dreaming! Just thinking about it over and over again and trying to re analyze the idea and situation.

     Don't wait for inspiration to come, seek it out and acquire it! Inspiration comes when you do, not when you think about it. Get energized and excited by doing and creating.

     Get started and use that fuel to not only capture those amazing ideas, but to also execute on those amazing projects and bring them to completion.

     My ideas come to me when i work. I keep my notepad handy as a net so nothing gets past and escapes me. Get excited by your creations and keep pushing forward, but most of all just Do!

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