Friday, September 26, 2014

Me, My Alter - Ego, and the world i have created

  • Who am I? 
  • What is my purpose? 
  • Why am i doing this? 
  • What do i get from this? (personally and emotionally)

     These are those questions that every one asks themselves or should be asking themselves. For me the answers revealed an immense amount of information, dig deeper and more secrets are unveiled. What are your passions and what is it that drives you? What spark make you open your eyes in the morning and puts a smile on your face as you take on the day?
     For me i have been a  creative from a  very young age. Thinking back i was a concept guy from the beginning doing quick sketches and drawing characters or monsters. I took the long windy scenic route along with a few pit stops along the way. Dating different ideas, and while i have saved and used the different experiences, none of those relationships fully worked out for me. These experiences have showed me that i enjoy helping others and creating things that have an impact on the lives of others. Seeing how different people react to my work is an amazing feeling and cannot be measured by the corporate standard or dollar signs, this is a personal feeling that is more important to me.
    Now after test driving these different vehicles i have invested and truly connected with a major force in my life along with owning a couple sports cars for fun joyrides. I have settled on an exciting medium and now i feel i am able to really express myself and my passions. When i enter the Zone i am able to let go. Let go of the troubles of the world, forget about the responsibilities of being an adult in an expensive and demanding world. I'm able to walk away from the stress of life and problematic relationships. After i put my headphones on i am able to unplug the world and get focused, drifting into my own world i allow my Alter-Ego to take over. A being untainted by the problems of the world. He turns off my over thinking brain and cuts off the emotion ties to negative vibes and stress while cranking up my excitement and joy levels as he brings these new creatures to life before my eyes.

I hope these few words have sparked some ideas and makes you think. The world around you is the the one you create for yourself. The life you live is a movie you direct. Life has his own way of throwing curve balls and atomic bombs, but in the end it is entirely up to you how you decide to react and overcome the obstacles.

Thank you for reading, please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below and what you would like to see in the future.

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