Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Painting aliens part 1

Here are two new paint jobs i did on my alien invader piece. These are some steps of how i go about painting my pieces.

started with a flesh base coat, then did a skin mottle with cyan mapping out the front color.
 Did the same for the back with yellow
 Used burnt umber for laying in the veins and darkening the wrinkles and shadow areas. Front and back
 Darkened the veins with red.
 Did an overcoat on the back with yellow to make it brighter and add depth to the veining
 Did a skin mottle with rowney blue for the face and front area.
 Wanted to add more so i did a black pattern on the back of the head
 Eyes were based with yellow and added some texture with purple. Pupil is vertical for more of a predatory feel and painted with black.
 Did more textures with black
 same with white
 Tinted the white with a yellow overcoat.
 Outlined the pupils with white for a glow type effect


Echo Shi said...

How's the con dude?

Alter Egos said...

Con was awesome, Best one yet!