Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Here are two pieces i worked on this week, both are quick concepts and i used as a warm-up.

I recently discovered two artists that i found online that have amazing work, both are sculptors and have a strong style that i was attracted to and decided to learn more about what interested me.

Both sculptures i did a base structure portrait of singer/actress Kelly Chen.

First artist i wanted to learn some techniques from is Jiro. He has a very interesting and original style with a very organic and some stylized pieces. I was drawn to his mechanic geisha style makeups and used it for reference to learn from his style.

Second artist i looked towards is Seb Zar. He has some amazing portrait work that is very expressionistic and stylized. I like the texture he has, but i wanted a more realistic piece and used his art as reference to learn a more stylized and expressive approach.

Check out the links i posted and always keep an eye out for new inspirations. Thanks for looking.

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