Saturday, July 4, 2009

New sculpture mini busts

This is the finished girl skull scultpure. I just finished making a mold and will be casting soon. This will be casted in latex and filled with foam. This is about 1/3 life size and was sculpted from the model. The model favored one side towards me which gave me the idea to only have one side a finished face.

Here is another mini bust i have been working on. I am happy with the character and the way it looks right now. I need to finish up some texture wrinkles then it will be ready to mold.

This last mini bust is still in progress. I came up with the idea while sculpting. Next step is to figure out what to do with the mouth.

This is a creature sketch i just finished

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Echo said...

The class starts on Monday for you, ye? I just moved to a new studio 917, it's on the same floor. You have to check it out it's a window studio
Happy holiday!