Saturday, July 25, 2009

New portrait sculpture from class

This is a new sculpture i just finished for scupting class. I had a week long intensive session with John Horn at PAFA. We worked from a model for five days. Overall it was a good class, i was forced to do a few things i never done before and focused on the structure and the planes of the face. The first day we had to make a head armature, which i hate using, then we did a generic skull with planes. On the second day we started from the model. Another thing i found amazing is how much larger the male head is to the female. My first measurements fromt the generic skull were from the male model we had. Then the class split up and i decided to work from the woman. The male model was not a large man, but to scale my head down for the female i had to lose at least 5-10 pounds of clay. These exercises really help me understand the structure better. Comments and critiques welcome.

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Echo said...

That's Mary, isn't it? Your modeling is getting more structured with forms and texture, keep it up!!!
Thanks for the comments, Brian :) You'll have to give me a lecture on the online store stuff:) Thanks for the disc, by the way, that was really useful!