Friday, August 5, 2016

A fighting light to take on any darkness

As I sit here alone in the dark I feel lost and uninspired. My mind has taken off to run around in other places, I can’t get a hold of it. I sit here trying to find myself, trying to find my purpose. Then just as this happens I see a light start to glow. A small candle light that grows into a search lamp. So very bright that I have trouble seeing the shape of what it could be. I can even feel the warmth from the light and as I start to accept it and feel comfortable the forms start to come into view. I try not to focus on the physical but how I feel. I see a smile and happiness, but it is surrounded by pain and sadness. So much that it could swallow it up. But this light shines without any issues or doubts. This special light is holding the darkness back, keeping it at bay. No matter how many tubes or feelings of pain a pretty smile and a contagious giggle still emerges. A ruthless fighter unwilling to give up or give in.
                I just stand here trying to understand as I am washed over with happiness. My mind really tries to understand and learn but it is beyond the realm of reason. I believe this light is here for a reason and I was able to discover her in a time and place where I needed her. When I was longing for a purpose that is larger than myself. There are so many things that happen all around us every day but to really make an impact you have to discover that purpose and cause that brightens up your day and really touches your soul.
                Thank you so much for your fighting spirit and your beautiful smile that can take on all the sadness in the world. No matter what comes your way you will stand fearless and ready to take on the world. Me along with thousands of others will stand here praying and having your back when you need us the most.

Thank you Mayse for inspiring me and for putting a smile on my face even in my darkest days. Keep fighting strong baby girl.

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