Monday, June 6, 2016

True Beauty is in our Scars and Flaws

True Beauty is in our Scars and Flaws!
Wear them Proudly!

 Do you keep yourself hidden? 
Are you afraid of what others might think of you? 
Why are you holding yourself back? 
Why are you hiding your beauty instead of sharing it with the world?

We are all human beings down here. That which by definition we come created with flaws. Certain quirks or habits that are specially unique to us and make each of us different. These are the crystals that shine and make us stand out in a crowd, making each of s one of a kind. You are your own person and you were given some amazing qualities and gifts to use too better yourself and the world around you. Only you can do what you do.

     Now with those great powers you were also given a set of trials that could be be your kryptonite if you let it. These I believe are really misunderstood as weights bring you down and drowning you instead of obstacles. Obstacles that you must face and overcome, little challenges or tests that bring out a tool or emotion that you never knew existed and helps to move you forward in life. Overcoming these obstacles gives you more tools to really live life and to truly explore who you are.

So keep pushing forward and keep fighting for you.
Find the Beauty in your Scars and Flaws!
Wear them Proudly!

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