Friday, March 27, 2015

Be proud of your True Colors

"True Colors" by Brian and Alikorruption from Alter-Ego-Dezines

     Never be afraid or ashamed to show your true colors! 

We all go through struggles and tough times in our lives, myself included. One thing to remember is that we are not alone in this world and we were not created to survive alone. We are all special pieces of a massive puzzle of mechanics that work together in unison. However we must be careful and locate the correct people that match our edges and fit our direction to surround ourselves with.

I recently had some personal issues to go through that kind of built up under the surface and i had to deal with in my mind. I am blessed to have one of my best friends there and willing to listen to me rant. Sometimes we just need to reach out and open up to others every once in a while. I was reminded of who i truly am and about how much of myself i am hiding and locked in a cage.

My friend Alikorruption originally created this piece as an idea and a symbol. A sign for a free pass to let your freak flag fly and to be who you truly are, not to hold yourself back for anyone and to connect with yourself and to be that person you should be. That vision your inner child dreamed of.

I understood her concept originally, but then hearing her story when she shared it with the world and the energy she put into it, i found new meaning or maybe saw it in a new light. And now after going through a mental snap i have started to find my feet again and will constantly strive to better myself.

Thank you for your Support Ali and i hope that everyone reading this can let themselves go and be who they truly are deep down and to stop hiding under the cloak society has put over us.

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