Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sculpture personal class 01

Here is a new sculpt for 2012. This week i am trying to work on improving my sculpture so i have set up a personal class schedule for myself. I am trying to improve my originality and concepts as well as textures. I have been mostly self taught with watching videos and a couple specialized class sessions so i looked into what i want to improve and here is my idea. I am setting up to do a 3 hour sculpt and complete a character. This isn't for speed, but rather setting deadlines and allowing myself to figure out how long i have to complete each phase. For this piece i blocked it in for 30 min. then worked on refining the forms for the next hour and a half. Left the last hour for detailing him. I didn't get him finished, but i am happy with how far i got and the character. He is approx. 1/2 scale and i just went in with a basic idea of a hybrid creature. Tonight i will be doing another piece in the same manner and then reviewing the progress and improvement points.

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