Thursday, October 6, 2011

Forbidden Love

New concept for an upcoming piece. For a while now i have wanted to do a piece that incorporated more than one head and had more of a story to the piece. I came up with this forbidden love piece with a reaper creature and a strong female character.
I have always loved fantasy art and the dynamic between beauty and the beast. I have been inspired by the works of Luis Royo and James Ryman and many others that have a strong female lead using their strength and beauty to control the beast. Also the 80's horror classics always have a strong female lead, Nancy defeats freddy - Lauri defeats Myers, etc.

As for this piece both the monster and the girl will be strong pieces on their own, but will work great together. For the creature I want to make him into a grim reaper and use burlap mixed with latex to make the hood. (Spoke to Pete Infelise at the devils workshop when i purchased his Mr. Grimm mask and have been dying to try the technique) For the female character she is going to be strong, beautiful, tough, and fearless. For the paintwork I will try out a few different versions - one as a human and another as a vampire. Also would like to do a werewolf bust that interacts with the girl for a red riding hood version.

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