Saturday, September 12, 2009

Painting a halloween mask

Here is a new alien mask i finished painting. I took some pictures along the way.
Here is the finished sculpt of my alien character.
My first step was a base coat of blue, then i did a noodling pattern with a darker blue shown above.
Next i did the same with a violet. With every new color i use i do the noodling and then go in and add shadows and more depth to the features.
Here are a few more images
The next step is to do a tight noodling of white over the entire mask. (Sorry i forgot to get a detail shot after i painted this step.)
Below are finished images of my new mask. The last steps are to take the original blue color used as a base coat and put a thin layer over my white layer to give transparency to the skin.
I put a clear coat over the whole mask, then for painting the eyes i did a base of yellow and used a brush to add the red veining to the sides. I airbrushed the pupils black and outlined with white. The final touch was to add five minute epoxy to the eyes, nose, and mouth. The five minute epoxy will make the eyes look wet and alive.