Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mold process

This first image shows how i prop the head up so it will be as horizonal as possible.

When making a two piece mold you will have to find a line and make a wall so the mold will be able to come apart when your done. This line will be where the mold comes apart.

Here is another view. I use foamcore for the wall so that i don't have to use too much clay for the build up.

Here i started covering the foamcore with clay to make the clay wall.

Here i added a wall around the sculpture so that the plaster will not run off the edge. It helps to keep the sides thick and strong for when you pry apart the two mold halves.

Here the first half of the mold has been made and the second half is being prepped. I have made another wall to catch the plaster and applied vasoline to the plaster edge so the plaster on the back will not stick to the front half.

Here are the two mold halves finished.

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