Sunday, March 1, 2009

Here is the current image i am working on. I am trying to work on making more illustrations rather than just doing character designs. This is just a work in progress at the moment, i am still deciding on what to do with the background.

Here is the wolf bust i am also working on. It has been a while since i posted on this, but i just finished a little more on this sculpt which i will post soon. I have made a silicone mold of the ears and i am finishing the mold for the teeth at the moment. After i finish it i will cast the ears and teeth in resin and post the progress. Another idea i have for this piece is to angle the neck more and cut the back off so it will look more like a trophy head for a wall mount. Tell me what you think.

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Echo said...

Would you be making a full sized figure anytime soon? It would be really exciting to see what you would do with the torso:D
Nice drawing too Brien,keep up with your imagination it's really showing the quality of your works now!